UAS Employees nearing 100% VACCINATION RATE

With Covid-19 cases still on the rise, the importance of getting vaccinated cannot be understated. Since the beginning, UAS leaders have been proactively searching for ways to get their employees vaccinated.

As of this writing, the entire team is close to being vaccinated. Thanks to the help of private and public sectors, UAS employees were given schedules and gladly took part of the vaccination program. This does not only protect them from catching a severe case of Covid-19, but also helps the others around them as UAS employees now have a layer of protection that slows down the spread.

The team is still tirelessly working to get all employees, and possibly their immediate family members, vaccinated. Despite getting their jabs, strict health guidelines and protocols are still in place to ensure safety of the workers, their families, their partners, and clients.

UAS will continue to do their part to end this pandemic, one person at a time.