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Industry Solutions Ellipse

In-Country Cloud

Experience highly available resources, which are on-demand, without worrying about active management. Whether for data storage, system resources and computing power, achieve more by transitioning to cloud solutions.

How about experiencing lower latency and a comprehensive end-to-end support brought by an IN-COUNTRY cloud solutions? We have something MADE FOR YOU.

Experience an In-Country Solution

There are multiple cloud providers that offer the same solution that is perfect for your business. Now imagine a provider located within the Philippines and can cater to your specific needs but with much better efficiency, lower latency and delay, and a competitive price module? Atmos can do that for you.

Why choose UAS?

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Comprehensive Support

We have certified engineers who have been trained to help you from design to after-sales support whenever and wherever you need it. Everything is housed within our locations so your data and information can easily be managed but is surely safe and secured.
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In-Country but World Class

UAS has worked to build Atmos to be at par with some of the biggest brands in cloud solutions. We understand all your needs as a Philippine organization and have built Atmos around solving all these challenges.
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Your Trusted Partner

With over two decades of experience, UAS has helped various industries by providing complete solutions that benefit your work. Working with the best brands in the business, UAS is certain your specific needs are addressed.

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