Improve overall management and monitoring of your energy assets with our Energy Management System. It allows you to have better visibility of assets, proper power transfer monitoring and energy monitoring and health.

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Energy Management System (EMS)

Energy Monitoring and Visibility icon.
Energy Monitoring and Visibility
Power Transformer Monitoring icon.
Power Transformer Monitoring
Asset/Equipment Health Management icon.
Asset/Equipment Health Management
  • Backup as a Service icon.

    Backup as a Service

    PI System will be backed up locally on-premise and the back-up files will be replicated to Secondary site.

  • DR as a Service icon.

    DR as a Service

    PI System will be replicated at DR site in real time, in an event of PI System Data.Source failure from on-premise site, the last good copy of PI System can be accessed and viewed from DR site.

  • HA as a Service icon.

    HA as a Service

    An exact copy of on-site PI System will be deployed on DR site. DR site will run on parallel with on-site PI System.
    Data Source of DR Site PI System will be the same data source of On-site PI System

  • Digital Payment icon.

    Digital Payment

    An online payment gateway solution that is robust and connected to multiple platform and service providers. It offers a comprehensive list of multiple payment options regardless the geographical location of the customers.


  • HCI and Storage icon.

    HCI and Storage

    Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) combines compute, virtualization, storage, and networking in a single cluster. Starting with as few as three nodes, users can easily scale out to match computing and storage resource needs.

  • Connectivity icon.


    PURE FIBER INTERNET for small-to-enterprise. Getting a faster connection and a more reliable network ensures optimum productivity in your operations. Our pure end-to-end fiber internet can answer that.

  • VAPT icon.


    The evolving tools, tactics and procedures used by cybercriminals to breach networks means that it’s important to regularly test your organisation’s cyber security.




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