Industry Solutions Ellipse
Industry Solutions Ellipse

Managed Security Services

Individuals/Teams skilled in network security are constantly available to address and alleviate any threats brought on to a company’s network.

Your Frontline Against Threats and Attacks

Security of a network and protection of its data and connection are constantly tested by unwanted entities. However, having a team well-equipped with the knowledge and experience specifically to combat these attacks gives the business an extra layer of protection.

Why Choose UAS?

Improve work efficiency icon.

Improve work efficiency

Managed Services exclusively cuts down processes from hiring to production by letting UAS provide the business with well-equipped teams
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Work with certified professionals

UAS MSP team has a wide range of experience and knowledge specifically targeted to service various businesses and industries.
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Improved budget allocation

Partnering with UAS for Managed Services ultimately saves on unnecessary spending as there is minimal need to maintain the staff, hire people to choose the teams and the company can concentrate on income-generating efforts.
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Extensive services offered

Value Added Services include (but not limited to) Service Level Agreement Pricing, Proactive IT Issues Approach, Fully Customizable, Fully Scalable, Competitive Pricing, Access to Cutting-Edge Technology and Information, Excellent Customer Service.

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24/7 Management icon.
24/7 ManagementUAS can provide continuous and maintained management of a customer's network, all within the agreed guidelines of the SLA.Read More →
Managed Network and Infrastructure icon.
Managed Network and InfrastructureUAS helps businesses continue quality and integrity of work by handle entire networking tasks to keep you constantly connected.Read More →
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Managed Software as a ServiceReduce errors and significantly improve efficiency and output by subscribing to software applications for your company. Gain unlimited access to these programs for unrivaled business continuity.Read More →
Managed Support Services icon.
Managed Support ServicesFrom simple to complete troubleshooting, UAS provides help for its clients when it comes to IT help.Read More →

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