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Job Overview:

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Network Engineer to join our team. A senior network engineer is highly skilled professional responsible for designing, implementing, and managing complex computer network with an organization. Their primary objective is to ensure that the organization’s network infrastructure operates efficiency, securely, and reliable to support business operations. The successful candidate will lead a team responsible for managing and the network infrastructure of our client, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. This role involves both technical and client interaction, making it crucial for fostering strong relationships with clients and managing the network and security professionals effectively.

• Senior network engineers design network architecture based on the organization’s requirements, considering factors like scalability, performance, and security. They may use tools like network simulation software to model and test network configurations.
• Oversee the implementation process. This involves installing hardware such as routers, switches, and firewalls, as well as configuring network protocols and services.
• Responsible for diagnosing and resolving the network that arise. This could involve analyzing network traffic, identifying bottlenecks or security vulnerabilities, and implementing solutions to migrate risks and optimize performance.
• Perform routine maintenance tasks such as software updates, patches, and backups to ensure the network.
• Protecting the organization’s network from cyber threats is a critical aspect of network engineer’s role. They implement security measures such as firewalls, intrusions detection systems, and encryptions protocols to safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.
• Anticipate future network growth and plan accordingly to accommodate increasing demands for bandwidth, storage, and computing resources, also involve upgrading hardware, optimizing network configurations, or implementing new technologies to support involving business needs.
• Report directly to the client’s IT Director and collaborate with other leads (operations, security, dev ops, and systems) for network and security concerns, maintaining open communication and providing regular updates.
• Manage and configure Cisco and Huawei network devices, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
• Manage & oversee Ruckus Wireless devices, including Zone Director and Access Point, for optimal performance.
• Analyze current infrastructure and propose enhancements to improve efficiency on network and security.
• Act as the main contact and facilitates collaboration between client and its subsidiaries, internal UAS support, distributor, and principal regarding network and security matters.
• Ensure all tickets and projects meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
• Create & maintain detailed work plans for all activities and projects, including network designs and topologies based on customer requirements, following standard design processes.
• Follows network and security practices in the organization, by staying up to date on patches,
firmware, and new technologies.


• Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or related field.
• At least 4 years of experience handling routing and switching, including advanced troubleshooting.
• Experience in a Managed Services Provider (MSP) environment is a significant advantage.
• CCNA certification required. NSE4 or equivalent cert is a plus. CCNP is an advantage.
• Excellent communication, client-focused and Technical Skills
• Project management experience.
• Flexibility for on-call and off-hours work.
• Maintains professionalism and confidentiality

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