Job Overview:

  • Develop detailed designs for cabling systems, including cable routing, equipment placement and infrastructure requirements. Consider factors such as cable types, capacity, signal integrity and future scalability.
  • Visit project sites to assess the existing infrastructure, identify requirements and gather necessary information for the cabling design. This may involve measuring distances, evaluating existing cabling systems, and understanding client needs.
  • Prepare design specifications, drawings and documentations outline the cabling system layout, cable types, connectivity requirements and equipment locations.
  • Work closely with clients to understands project requirements.
  • Identify and specify the appropriate cabling products, components and equipment required for the project. This includes selecting cable types of connectors, patch panels racks and other related hardware based on the design requirements.
  • Evaluate potential risks and challenges associated with the cabling design such as environmental factors, cable length limitations, signal interference or future expansion needs.
  • Work closely with installation technicians or contractors to provide guidance and support during the implementation phase. Clarify design specifications address installation challenges and ensure proper execution of the cabling design.


  • Bachelor’s /College and Technical Degree or equivalent
  • In depth knowledge of structured cabling systems, including copper and fiber optic cabling, cable types, connectors, terminations methods and industry standards such as ANSI/TIA/EIA or ISO/IEC. Familiarity with relevant technologies such as Ethernet, IP networking and telecommunications protocols.
  • Experience with computer aided design (CAD) software or other design tools  to create detailed cabling system designs is beneficial.
  • Experience in designing cabling systems for commercial buildings, data centers, CCTV systems, Door access systems and other auxiliaries.

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