Cisco Webex Updates

Cisco Webex continues to stretch the boundaries of remote working. With the current situation still resulting in professionals working from home or other places, a reliable video and web conferencing application is important. Cisco Webex understands this and their latest updates will make sure your experience is above industry standards. 


Cisco Webex has heard all the feedback from users and the latest update includes various keyboard shortcuts to make sharing your content easier.  

Available for both Windows and MAC operating systems, a combination of buttons pressed at the same time will allow you easier navigation through Cisco Webex

Here are some examples of them: 


  • Use Alt + Shift + A to navigate to the All tab in the Spaces list. 
  • Use Ctrl+Shift+I to navigate to the compose message area. 
  • Use Ctrl + H to put focus in the message history. 


  • Use the Tab key to navigate in your app, use Shift + Tab to navigate back through items. 
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate through messages, spaces, or other menu items in your app. 
  • Use Command with the left and right arrow keys, to navigate forward and back through spaces and tabs, and mark spaces as read. 


UAS Cisco Webex - Reactions

Animated reactions are now part of our daily lives. We do not need to say one word to who we are talking to for us to express what we are feeling. Cisco Webex has also adapted this feature to create more fun among interactions from the people in the meeting. 

Give a thumbs up, clap, celebrate with a party popper and other reactions are available to use. You can also enable Cisco Webex to recognize your hand gestures so when you put your thumbs up in front of the screen, it does that in the chat as well! 


When people had a meeting in the office, the whiteboard was the most used space where everyone could write and present. Cisco Webex now has updated their platform where there is a whiteboard available for use and everyone can collaborate by writing and displaying what they need for everyone to see. 

It’s a very convenient way to express what you want to show if you have a difficult time explaining it through video conference. 

UAS - Cisco Webex, Whiteboard sample

Cisco Webex is and will continue to provide updates for its users to make remote meetings even more convenient, fun and productive. Trust in the Cisco brand to have something for everyone, as Cisco Webex promises inclusivity for all so everyone can be seen and heard. 

Cisco Webex Meetings is also available at Cisco Webex Web and Video Conferencing Subscription License | UAS