Sales Representatives

Job Overview:

The various duties, tasks, and responsibilities call center sales representatives perform include those shown in the job description example below:

  • Receive inbound calls from customers to interact with them and identify their needs or issues
  • Provide telecommunication solutions and recommendations to customers via telephone calls
  • Follow set communication guidelines in addressing the needs and problems faced by customers
  • Build positive work relationship with customers to enhance the image and public perception of a company
  • Place outbound calls to customers to promote new products and services
  • Oversee the timely management of outgoing and incoming calls
  • Ensure call records are properly stored and organized in a call center database
  • Maintain a courteous and friendly disposition when interacting with customers irrespective of their temperament
  • Ensure daily shift call quotas and set targets are achieved
  • Conduct research to identify solutions and answers to difficult client issues
  • Follow set procedures to ensure equipment and devices are operational
  • Provide periodic reports to company management on work activities
  • Oversee the processing and implementation of orders, applications and forms submitted by customers
  • Monitor trends in customer calls and alerts management in event of any suspicious activity
  • Upsell products and services to customers when providing telecommunication solutions
  • Sit at a workstation for long hours to interact with customers using a computer and a headset.


at least SHS Graduate

  • Good negotiation and communication skills
  • at least SHS Graduate
  • Preferably with sales experience
  • Relationship management skills and openness to feedback
  • Customer Service Skill: They are skilled in politely addressing customers, they exercise lots of patience and tolerance in resolving caller issues
  • Problem-solving Skill: Call center sales representatives are able to identify customer challenges and provide solutions that address such problems.

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