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Job Overview:

  • Adhering to the process, guidelines and procedures provided by management and client at any given time.
  • Constructing own approved pitches, conducting research for leads, analyzing data and doing administrative task to ensure the organization reaches its sales goals.
  • Do a follow up call if needed to customers and follow up email to other business units to get through to successful installation.
  • Attend Outbound and other Sales Channel prospect through sales process flow and convert them into a customer.
  • Navigate social media to aggressively scrape leads or potential subscriber through different online platforms.
  • Use the assigned codes and credentials only.
  • Comply on what is expected from them specifically on their monthly metrics like, attendance, sales achievement, productivity, quality, conversion rate, daily sales targets, high plans, handling time and their individual growth/improvement.
  • Comply on the regulations intended on data privacy, rules of engagement, data acquisition, data processing, data sharing and data preservation.


• Meet expectations of BSC rating of 3 (Meet all expectations)
• Must not be currently enrolled in the Performance Improvement Program
• Must not be under any Disciplinary Action (DA) for the past 12 months

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