Compensation and Benefits Manager

Job Overview:

Design compensation packages and bonus programs that align with the company’s strategic plan

Ensure salaries and benefits comply with the current legislation about human rights and pay equity

Identify trends and implement new practices to engage and motivate employees

Conduct research on employee satisfaction (e.g. using surveys and quantitative data)

Renew our compensation plans with monetary and non-monetary benefits based on employee needs

Keep track of prevailing pay rates and make sure we offer competitive compensation plans

Draft job descriptions, job analyses and classifications

Structure compensation in ways that will yield the highest value for the organization

Evaluate and report on the effectiveness of employee benefit programs

Track compensation and benefits benchmarking data


Experience as a Compensation and Benefits Manager or similar role

Hands-on experience with HRIS or payroll software

Knowledge of building compensation packages and bonus programs for various departments and seniority levels

Excellent understanding of job evaluation and job analysis systems

Good analytical skills

Familiarity with labor legislation

Experience with employee satisfaction surveys

BSc in Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology, Finance or relevant field

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